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The Importance of Physical Health in a Remote World

Summary. While other studies during the COVID-19 pandemic focused on changes in mental and social health, there was a lack of research on the implications that physical health practices had on employee engagement levels. This data found that organizations can greatly benefit by providing specific efforts toward improving employee physical health. In addition, this article offers practical tips for how organizations and leaders can support employee physical wellbeing even while working remotely.

Health influences all aspects of human life. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the impact of physical health not only on one's personal life but also on one's professional life. Organizations have seen patterns of declined wellbeing and higher levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout during the lockdown. In turn, the switch from in-person to remote work has cost companies not only lost time but also resulted in lost revenue.

While literature and surveys have focused on how work engagement is related to mental health and social health, there was a need to study the association between physical health and employee engagement. As the world has seen with the recent pandemic, organizations are nothing without the health of their employees.

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