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Kanji Consulting Inc.


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At Kanji Consulting Inc.,

we are transforming data into impactful results.

We aim to help organizations understand the importance and benefit of using data. Our goal is to provide companies with expert guidance on combining research theories with human potential to positively impact organizations and the people within them.

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Business Analytics

We provide a range of services that focus on using data and reporting to transform lives.

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Survey Assessment

Surveys can be beneficial to your organization by collecting information on people's thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

​Have you been asking yourself...

  • How do I assess my company's culture?

  • Are our customer's satisfied with our products?

  • I want to build an assessment, but where do I start?

Data Analysis

Data analysis can help your business anticipate your customer's needs and help develop solutions that address them.

Have you been asking yourself..

  • I have all this data, but what should I do with it?

  • How do I use these numbers to bring about organizational change?

  • What does this data mean in regard to customer trends and satisfaction?

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation focuses on collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer questions and assess the impact of your program.

Have you been asking yourself..

  • How do I figure out if my program is effective?

  • Is my project leading to positive  behavioral change?

  • Are the outcomes of my program meeting the client's goals?

Let us help you!

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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